Empowering the student community to face life with dignity and confidence


National Green Corps popularly known as ‘a programme of eco-clubs’, initiated nation-wide by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), GOI. The programme has school children at the vanguard of a campaign to green the Earth. Begun in 2001-02, NGC has been successful in involving students in conservation efforts, making it one of the most successful programmes of the Ministry of Environment and Forests. This unique programme aimed at building a cadre young brigade working for environmental conservation, exposes school children to in Department field experiences, and provides opportunities to convert their ideas into creative action. The programme promotes school-society interactions to sensitize society on the need and action to preserve our environment.

The NGC in our school organizes environment conservation programmes by distributing and planting tree saplings in public places, house premises etc., through sensitization programmes, organizing field trips, nature study camps, cleaning drives, conducting drawing, literary and quiz competitions etc. The NGC unit of Rahmaniya VHSS won the awards for the Best School Unit and the Best Coordinator under Sri. K.P Ashick in 2004. Mrs. Seenath. P, Department. of Physiotherapy is currently leading the activities of NGC.


The Innovation Club one of the first of its kind was formed in Rahmaniya VHSS in 2016 with Mr. Yoonus CP as its maiden Coordinator.

The Innovation Club is a platform to engage students in innovative and creative activities apart from providing opportunities for hands on training activities. The Innovation club creates awareness, educates, nurtures and inculcates a culture of innovation amongst students and enables them to generate new ideas and become more innovative in their outlook.

Roles and responsibilities:

To enroll students as innovation club members and guide them to work on innovative ideas and products. 

To organize periodic activities, workshops and competitions to keep the spark of creativity, innovation, and design alive and thrive them in students. 

To provide guidance for the development of innovative, scientific solutions to solve everyday practical problems of learning and life.

To provide technical support in the form of basic tools, shackles, equipment, raw materials and project manual/report.

Entrepreneurship Development Club (ED Club)

ED Clubs are formed in the schools and colleges of the state under the Department of Industries and Commerce, Govt. of Kerala with a view to inculcate a proper entrepreneurial culture among the youth in a bid to tackle unemployment and to foster industrial growth. The Club equips the new generation youth with the skills, techniques, attitudes and confidence to act as the torch bearers of enterprise.

The main objectives of ED club are to sensitize on the existing industrial scenario of the state, to nurture the latent entrepreneurial talents, to develop the attitudes, values and skills of successful entrepreneurship. The Club facilitates students to access entrepreneurial resources, establish network with community entrepreneurs, and share ideas. Thus it is dedicated to furthering understanding about new and small business ventures.

Annual Events:

* Distinguished guest speaker’s series

* Organize Workshops to develop new ideas, develop them into projects and then to products

* Networking with successful entrepreneurs, startup joiners and investors

* Visits to industries, firms and on site interactions with the entrepreneurs.

* Attend off-campus workshops, fairs, meets.