Lab Technician – Research & Quality Control

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CourseLab Technician – Research & Quality Control (LTR)
Course Code31
DescriptionLab Technician – Research & Quality Control
NSQF Level3
Sub SectorAllied health and paramedical.
Job RoleIndividuals in this job provide support to Allied health workers in National health programs, act as a health counsellor to local communities and provide health care services.
Job DescriptionProvide routine and essential services in community and public health activities. They are often based in the community and come from the community they serve, they play a critical role in providing a local context for proven health solutions, and they connect families and communities to the health system.
CurriculumCommunity health and public health.
Role and responsibilities of LTR.
Records and registration, health information and work place protocol.
VHSNC, TSP and biomedical waste.
National health programs.
Personal hygiene, infection control and prevention.
Adolescent care, STD and family planning.
Pregnancy and care.
Maternal, Newborn and Young children health care.
Emergency medical response and management of minor ailments or injuries.
Topics Covering• food, health and sanitation
• Adolescents health
• Prevention and control of infectious diseases
• Counselling on life style diseases
• Contraception, need and methods
• Newborn care and immunization
• First aid
• Maintenance of Registers and Records
Other responsibilitiesCommunication skills
Self management skills
Information and communication technology skills
Entrepreneurship development
Green skills
Hazards at Workplace, Dealing with Emergencies
support and executes central government programs like AYUSH
Formulation and implementation of ward sanitation committee
RemarksNSQF, NSDA, FSQ(HSS/N 8601, to , HSS/N 8620, and HSS/N 9601, 9602, 9603, 9606, 9609 and HSS/N 9610.

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