Examination and Evaluation

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Examination and Evaluation

The examination wing of Rahmaniya VHSS diligently conducts Continuous Evaluation and Terminal Evaluation processes to assess the academic achievements of the students based on an annual calendar.  Apart from conducting periodic tests and term examinations,  the wing arranges special coaching for average and  above average students and remedial coaching for below average students and for the Hearing impaired.

Terminal Examinations

Terminal examinations are conducted as per the schedule framed by the Directorate of VHSE. Quarterly ,Half yearly and Model examinations  are conducted both for first and second year students of the school accordingly.

Monthly Tests

At the end of every month unit tests  are conducted for both first and second  year students.The examination wing  monitors the preparation of question papers, valuation of answer scripts and the timely publication of results.  A special record for entering the scores of the students is kept in the office and parents are informed about the progress of their wards.

Series Tests

All the teachers of the school complete  the class room activities by the end of December every year. In the month of January and February uniform series tests are conducted in three phases. The entire portions of the syllabus will be divided into three parts and three tests each in every subject are conducted. The tests help the students to brush up the entire portions covered in regular classes and to prepare for the public examinations. These tests also provide them with experience in adapding to examinations.

Special Coaching For Poor Performers

Immediately after the declaration of the first year public examination result the poor performers are identified  and  special coaching classes are arranged for them. All the teachers and students co-operate equality well to make this initiative a success and  as a result, most of the students could improve their scores in the ensuing Improvement  Examination. Besides, the above average students could gain A+ in all the subjects

Study Camp For the Hearing Impaired Students

In order to ensure  the  better performance of  the Hearing Impaired Students in the public examination study camps are conducted during the last weeks of  February. Teachers manage the classes during the camp days. All the hearing impaired students  are motivated to attend these camps.

Result Analysis – March – 2020

CourseAppearedPassed% EHS% VHS
JSD26  5312553096.1510096.7796.1510096.77
FTCP30  0302802893.33…..93.33100…….100
AST29  0292502586.20……86.2093.10…….93.10
FHW29  0292802896.55……96.55100…..100
FNT29  13029130100100100100100100
TOTAL143  61491356141    

Aggregate EHS % = 94.63

Aggregate VHS %  = 97.98

Subject-wise Pass Percentage