Empowering the student community to face life with dignity and confidence


ED Clubs are formed in the schools and colleges of the state under the Department of Industries and Commerce, Govt. of Kerala with a view to inculcate a proper entrepreneurial culture among the youth in a bid to tackle unemployment and to foster industrial growth. The Club equips the new generation youth with the skills, techniques, attitudes and confidence to act as the torch bearers of enterprise.

The main objectives of ED club are to sensitize on the existing industrial scenario of the state, to nurture the latent entrepreneurial talents, to develop the attitudes, values and skills of successful entrepreneurship. The Club facilitates students to access entrepreneurial resources, establish network with entrepreneurs, and share ideas. Thus, it is dedicated to furthering understanding about new and small business ventures.

Annual Events

  • Distinguished guest speaker’s series
  • Organizes Workshops to develop new ideas, develop them into projects and then to products
  • Networking with successful entrepreneurs, startup joiners and investors
  • Visits to industries, firms and on-site interactions with entrepreneurs
  • Attend off-campus workshops, fairs, meets etc.