Four Wheeler Service Technician

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CoursFour Wheeler Service Technician (FST)
Course Code3
DescriptionFour Wheeler Service Technician
NSQF Level4
Sub SectorAutomotive Vehicle Service
Sector Skill CounselAutomotive Skill Development Council
Job RoleAssistant Auto Technician, Auto Electrical Assistant, Assistant Forman, Auto Spare Sales Man, Auto Sales Executive, Auto spare store keeper, Vehicle sale front officer, Vehicle Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) officer, Diesel Mechanic, Wheel Alignment Technician
Job DescriptionAutomobile or Automotive Engineering has gained recognition as a professional course of study ever since motor vehicles capable of transporting passengers and goods have been in vogue. This new age branch of engineering offers one of the most challenging careers as a result of the use of the most advanced technologies in automobiles. As a fast surging industry and, as modern life literally tuned to automobiles, there is a greater demand for Automobile Technicians today. The newly designed NSQF curriculum substantially fulfils the needs of the student / entrepreneur who is willing to take up the job role of an Automotive Service Technician. On completion of the two year AST course a student will be able to identify the principal components of a computer system, demonstrate self management skills and entrepreneurial skills. He/she will be trained to effectively communicate with and manage customers. The person can have a fundamental understanding about the different elements of engineering such as mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering. The course will help attain mastery in the skills of repairing and servicing cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters etc.
CurriculumIntroduction to Engineering Geometrics and drawing
Materials for construction of automotive components
Measuring instrument
Regular maintenance of an engine, transmission system, ear box, tubes and tires, Brakes
Serviceability, Replacement or Repair of Engine Components
Suspension system, Auto Electrical System
Topics Covering• Assist in performing vehicle service and maintenance.
• Assist in performing the actual repair/ replacement of various parts/ aggregates in a vehicle
• Identify the principal components of a computer system
• Identify and control hazards in the workplace that pose a danger or threat to their safety or health, or that of others.
• Demonstrate self-management skills.
• Demonstrate the ability to provide a self-analysis in context of entrepreneurial skills and abilities
• Demonstrate the knowledge of the importance of green skills in meeting the challenges of sustainable development and environment protection.
• Communicate effectively with the customers
• Greet, escort, seat the customers and offer refreshments (tea/ coffee)
• Enquire and understand customer queries related to vehicle type, model, specifications
• Identify features of different elements of Engineering such as mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering
Other responsibilitiesCommunication Skills, Self-management Skills, Information and Communication Technology Skills, Entrepreneurial Skills, Green Skills Hazards at Workplace, Dealing with Emergencies

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